Get you and your family's daily care expenses reimbursed

Your company cares about your health and well-being and already offers you Alan’s hospitalisation insurance. But it doesn’t stop there. Today, through your flexible income plan, you can:

beef up your coverage
With the reimbursement of daily and dental care
Cover your family
Share your coverage with your loved ones
General practioner
Glasses & Lenses

60% of medical expenses happen outside of the hospital

We increasingly spend more money on daily care providers (doctors, dentist, kinesiotherapists, psychologists, … ), but also on medication at the pharmacy or ‘medical devices’ (lenses, glasses, orthopedic soles, …) What about you?

The most complete insurance package

Alan has the widest coverage on the market and will reimburse 80% of your out-of-pocket expenses, within a yearly limit of €1000 or €2500, depending on your choice. A new pair of glasses? That dental implant? A visit to the osteopath? Psychology sessions? It’s all covered with Alan Panda (hospitalisation + daily care + dental).
Alternative medicine
Specialist consultation

From sick care to preventive care

We are lucky to benefit from one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However, it has always cared for the sick. At Alan, we shift the focus from acute sick care to prevention and early diagnosis.

That’s why we offer you the possibility to chat with a doctor to ask any question,  why we reimburse psychology sessions, nutritionists, blood checks, and much more. We care about your general well-being.

Free and unlimited conversations with doctors in the Alan app.

Why is it so interesting to choose Alan in a flexible income plan?

Health insurance is one of the most popular benefits in a flexible income plan. An important reason for that is because it is very attractive from a financial perspective. 💸

There are two main reasons, which means you enjoy a double benefit! 🎉
1. Gross vs. Net advantage.
Alan is a social benefit, which means… no taxes! You can finance Alan with your flexible income budget. If you would not spend that amount but just pay it out in cash, approximately 60% would be taxed away.
2. Collective insurance.
You get the chance to opt in on group insurance. If you would look for a similar coverage on the market individually, the premiums would be 2x to 3x higher, depending on your age.

That’s why good book keepers choose Alan! 😉

We’re here to help

What is covered? What is not covered? Are there any coverage restrictions?

The Information document about the insurance product (IPID) provides a detailed overview of the coverage and possible restrictions.

Who can benefit from your family’s plan?

Our Terms & Conditions mention:
- Partner: who is domiciliated and living at the same address as the employee.
- Children: fiscally at charge of the employee or the living partner, younger than 25 years. Children of 25 years or older can also be added to the insurance policy. They will pay the same premium as an adult or ‘partner’.

Is €1000 or €2500 the right limit for me?

The limit applies to the part you need to pay yourself: on top of what your mutuality will reimburse.

Let’s say your bill is €100 and your mutuality will reimburse €50. Alan will reimburse 80% of the remaining €50 euro. That means that Alan will reimburse €40, this is the amount that counts for your yearly limit.

When you believe you or your family runs the risk of exceeding the limit of €1000, we advice you to choose a limit of €2500.

Good to know: your selected limit is per person. This means that if you include your partner, you each have a limit of €1000 or €2500.

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