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Meet Alan, your superhero for a healthier-happier team. Discover our unique health benefits platform, from the best health insurance, to improving your team’s mental wellbeing.

The logical evolution in health insurance.

From health insurance to Health Benefits.

Easy-to-use app
Quick reimbursment
(Less than 72 hours)
Psychological hotline
Wellbeing  support


Yes, top-notch health insurance.

Providing your employees with a solid backbone for when things go south is important. We offer the most complete coverage, super-fast refunds, quick onboarding, a super-smooth user experience and so much more. Alan has got you covered!

The best health insurance 
(75+ NPS)
Super fast support 

(less then 3min)


Nope, we don’t stop there.

Medical question? Just chat with one of our doctors. Looking to grow? Book a therapy session with our psychologists. Alan is an all-in-one solution that goes waaaay beyond traditional health insurance. In fact, we believe it’s time to forget this old-school view of sick care. With Alan, your employees feel supported and motivated to bring their A-game.

Specialist consultations
Chat with a doctor
Alternative medicine

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The wellbeing generation is here.

It’s not just about that paycheck anymore. Your employees, people, want to live balanced lives. We make the choice to live healthier/happier. That doesn’t mean ‘less work’, it means better work.

By offering Alan, you make healthcare tangible in everday life. Medical support, shiny new glasses, nutrition advice, mental wellbeing 
guidance, ... It’s all right there, at your fingertips.

Free and unlimited conversations with doctors in the Alan app.

Super easy for employers, employees and HR-staff.

Super easy onboarding.

Onboarding with Alan is easy as 1-2-3. We guide you through the transition with quick videos and training Employees can onboard in less than 5 minutes.

Super easy admin experience.

Your dashboard looks super simple, add or remove members. Your employees manage their own data, add family members, ... so you can work on ... HR stuff.

Super duper care team.

Our customer care team answers health insurance-related questions by your members in less than 3 minutes. So you can focus on what matters.

More than 300.000+ members and 15.000 companies trust Alan with their health benefits.


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“Alan houdt ook de vinger aan de pols, en wil voortdurend evalueren en kijken hoe ze nog beter kunnen doen. Omwille van de vele gelijkenissen geloven we dat dit partnership garant staat voor een beloftevolle toekomst”,

Simon Logghe

Managing partner - ML6

“Alan is een ziekteverzekering met sociale impact die alles eenvoudig houdt, een persoonlijke ervaringbiedt en een element van fun toevoegt. Dat is echt in lijn met Too Good to Go en onze cultuur”

Chloe Dosquet

HR - Too Good to go

"Why Alan? We are seriously growing. Everyone is working hard for it. Therefore, our employees deserve an extra reward"

Christophe Morbee

CEO - Besox

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