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We make things simple, forget about buzzwords and indecipherable coverage tables.

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We hate small print and unpleasant surprises. We are always here to help.

We are paperless

No paper, no hassle. We do everything to make your life easier: no frustrations, no stress.

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You can forget about lengthy PDFs and unnecessary paperwork

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Peace of mind and clarity for all your employees

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Transparent and comprehensive coverage, without surprises

Because you don’t compromise on health

The most complete coverage: reimbursement of hospitalization and daily medical expenses.
Take a picture of your medical expenses: guaranteed reimbursement within 72 hours.

Superfast support

No more music while you wait

Also sick of listening to lengthy bad versions of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? Honestly, we are too. That’s why our team answers all of your questions instantly via our online chat. And that’s not a promise, it’s a certainty.

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Too Good To Go

I asked a doctor for advice through Alan's medical chat. I don't like to go to a doctor for a simple question, it feels like I'm wasting their time. Through the chat I got a very clear answer.



When switching to Alan, we decided to insure children of our employees. We didn't do that before. It's an investment. A relevant, sustainable reward for our employees.



Alan is completely digital, so there is no paperwork involved. You can find all your info in the app. That's handy, we all have too little time.

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